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Thoptv Not Working Error

thoptv not working

Thoptv not working is a common problem people search on the internet. Most of the time thoptv users face this issue while watching movies or streaming live content. This is really ridiculous and offensive.

But in this article, we will read the possible reasons why thoptv is not opening and what are the most working solutions to get thoptv back to working normally.

Thoptv is an entertainment android app where you can watch movies, more than 3000 TV channels including sports and news and live streaming. Thoptv covers the IPL (Indian Premier League) live. That’s the reason thoptv is very popular in India.

While it’s a useful app and is used by millions of people around the world. You might face errors in the app that thoptv is not working. We’ve discussed some common issues with thoptv and their 100% working solutions.

If your thoptv has stopped then we will see what are the most common errors may occur.

ThopTV App Not Working | Reasons and Errors

There might be several reasons to make thoptv not working. But here we will discuss the most common errors, possible reasons and solutions:

Server Down | Under Maintenance

The most major reason for thoptv not working error is the server down. As we have discussed before that during the IPL season there are millions of users using thoptv at the same time for live cricket matches, therefore, the server is down due to high traffic.

And also the other reason is app maintenance. Sometimes the developers are fixing some issues in the app or making some improvements so this is the reason thop tv is not working.

Sniffing Error in ThopTV

There is a common issue called sniffing error in thoptv. This error occurs when there are some apps in your android phone that contains malware and viruses. Thoptv shows the error “Network Blocked By ISP”. This error won’t let you continue using thoptv.

ThopTv Unable To Connect To Server

There is another very common error people face while opening thoptv and enjoying it. Thoptv shows “Unable To Connect To Server ” this is the big reason thoptv is not working.

This may ruin your day and offend you. But do not worry we have solutions for all these errors at the end.

ThopTv Error Unsupported Video

Sometimes thoptv video stops showing error that the video is not supported. This common issue users face in thoptv.

All you need is to restart the thoptv or use a VPN to bypass the problem. Because this error occurs due to a server issue.

Connection Error

If thoptv is not working on Wifi. This is because of network error and thoptv always requires a stable network connection.

ThopTV Not Working Error Solutions:

All the thop tv errors you can fix with the 100% working solutions:

Remove Sniffing Apps

If you are facing a sniffing error or network blocked by ISP. Then you should remove the sniffing apps that contain malware. This will fix the error and you can continue the entertainment.

How To Fix ThopTv Unable To Connect To Server?

If thoptv is not working and you have tried all the possible ways. Then there is no technical solution for this type of issue. You just have to be patient and wait for the server to go live.

Check Your Internet Connection

If thoptv is showing a connection error you should check your wifi internet connection. There must be any issue with your internet that’s why thoptv is showing error.

Other Solutions:

  • Thoptv time error issue (Set the device time and date)
  • Update the thoptv to the latest version
  • Clear Cache and app data
  • Reinstall the thoptv app
  • Install VPN

If your thoptv is not working today you can try these solutions and it will start working.

Contact ThopTV Support

In any case, if thoptv not working issue still exists after you applied all the solutions, then you can contact the thoptv support.

You can contact them by visiting their official website or contact them in the app. Discuss the issue with them this may help you. Otherwise, you can go with thoptv best alternative.


  1. Why ThopTV Is Not Working Today?

    There might be several reasons. Such as a problem with your internet connection or maybe thoptv is in maintenance mode or server down. That’s why thop tv stopped working.

  2. Why ThopTV Shows Errors

    Because thoptv is not officially available on Play Store and it’s a third-party app. That’s why it contains malware that causes errors in thoptv.

  3. Is ThopTV Really illegal?

    No, thopTv is not illegal, it’s just a third-party app that is the reason it’s not available on PlayStore. 

  4. How To Download ThopTV Apk?

    Click the download button and follow the next steps. it will be started downloading thoptv latest v45.9.0.

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