ThopTV For iOS (Working On All Apple Devices)

thoptv for ios

What Is ThopTV

Thoptv is a totally free app for watching movies, tv shows and live cricket even other sports matches too. Android user has the advantage to use it freely, while people can not download thoptv for iOS. But in this article, we will definitely guide step by step on how you can download and use it on iPhone.

Thoptv has gained vital success over a short period of time. Sports games are loved by fans from all over the world. The latest Hollywood and Bollywood movies are regularly updated on the app. Movies are available in different languages like Hindi, Urdu, English and Telugu.

People love watching cricket in India and Pakistan mostly. Thoptv apk downloads are in millions when there’s cricket season in India and Pakistan. PSL is held in Pakistan and you can enjoy watching IPL on thoptv. You can watch all the entertaining stuff by downloading thoptv for iOS and Android.

ThopTv For iOS

Are you an iPhone user who is looking to download thoptv for apple but couldn’t find it on Apple Store? No problem, today you will find how to download thoptv for apple mobile.

Thoptv for iOS is free to watch hundreds of live channels. Hundreds of international channels are available on thoptv ios app.

All the content on the app like Live streaming and movies are in HD quality. No buffering is also a plus point. People do not want to get annoyed by slow streaming with buffering.

Download iOS

Features of Thoptv For iOS

Thoptv for ios is crazily full of features. You will have many options in the iOS version of thoptv. Here are some of the main features that I described below:

HD Quality Channels

You do not need to be worried about the video quality. Thoptv for ios is capable of playing HD videos in the app. It depends on your connection speed, but it automatically detects the internet speed and plays the video according to it. HD live streams and movies you can watch on thoptv iOS app.

Multiple Languages

Thoptv for iOS allows you to watch its content like movies in different languages that you want to. It supports Hindi, Urdu, English and Telugu.


This iOS version available on our site is compatible with all iOS devices like iPhone, Mac and iPad. You can run smoothly on any device with no issue.

No Junk | LightWeight App

This app is not heavy on your device or has no junk files that harm your system. Completely lightweight and malware-free file.

Watch Later

Unlike other tv apps thoptv for ios has a crazy feature for “watch later like YouTube. You can save your current video to access back later where you left from.


All the options are easily accessible for any user. You can operate the thoptv app for ios directly from the home screen. There are buttons available on the home screen for movies, live stream, and sports.

Also, the setting option is available where you will be able to set the preferences according to you.

Radio Channels

Thoptv has not just movies and newscasting channels, you also have an option for live radio. It’s a great option for those who still love listening to the radio.

Customer Support

If you face any issue with the app, you have an option to contact apple customer support for any type of help or suggestions to improve the app.

ThopTV Alternative For iOS

As we’ve discussed above, Apple has not officially added the thoptv app to AppStore. But there is plenty of thoptv like apps for iOS. But I’ve picked a few but best thoptv alternatives. You can download and enjoy all the features like thoptv with not a single issue.

Here we will all the thoptv alternatives for iOS.

PTV Sports

If you are a cricket lover or love any sports game then you must try PTV Sports app on your iphone. Its an amazing app that stream live cricket match like PSL and IPL.



Watch movies, dramas and sports channels on a single app. This app allows you to smoothly watch live streams and movies in Hindi, Urdu and English.

Sony Liv – Sports Tv

Anyone who is not familiar with Sony tv? Of Course no one, so Sony presents their iPhone app for users who love to watch live sports, Tv shows and movies. Its thoptv like app for ios you can download and enjoy.

How To Download and Install ThopTV For iPhone And Macbook

You can download the app by the download button on this website. It will redirect you to the download page. Basically, it is not developed for the iPhone.

Once you have downloaded any app like thoptv for iOS, then you can easily install it on the iOS device. All you need is to follow the steps given below and enjoy the thoptv for iOS.

  1. Simply open the app after downloading in your iPhone
  2. You do not need to install it manually, it will be installed as downloaded
  3. Watch any movie or tv show you like

Download iOS

For iPhone

Thop tv for iPhone is not officially launched on the App Store. So you can not download it, but only for android mobiles.

For Mac

Thoptv for Mac is available and you can watch any of your favorite videos. But it’s a bit tricky. You have to download the BlueStacks software on the Macbook then you have to download thoptv apk from the download button by pasting this link address in the chrome on BluStack.

Then simply install it like android and play it.

Final Words

Thoptv for iOS has not yet launched which means you cannot use it on any iOS device like iPhone, Macbook or iPad. I’ve been trying many apps on the internet for the iPhone but couldn’t find the best or even a good one that i can go with. Most of the apps are only junk and do not have good content on them.

But I found some of the very amazing thoptv like apps for iOS. I’ve been using that and all my friends also enjoy these apps. All of those thoptv alternatives for iOS are mentioned in the article, simply download and enjoy them. If you want to install Thoptv For Android then you can download the file from this website directly. For the Macbook just download BlueStacks and install thoptv on it.

Thoptv for iOS has all the features that you want. HD quality videos and no buffering. Please share it with your friends and family.


  1. Is Thoptv Available For iPhone?

    No, it’s not officially available yet.

  2. Is Thoptv Available For Macbook?

    Yes, you can download BlueStacks and install thoptv APK on it.

  3. Is Thoptv For iOS Ads Free?

    It is not ads-free. It shows ads while watching videos.

  4. What Are ThopTv alternatives for iOS?

    Sony Liv
    PTV Sports
    Pick Tv