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install thoptv on android tv

Thoptv On Android Tv

You are at the right page, you can make your entertainment more enjoyable if you could play all of your favorite movies and live cricket on your smart tv.

Yes, if you read this article and follow the given steps one by one on how to install thoptv on android tv. Then you will be able to watch and enjoy thoptv directly on your android tv screen.

Nowadays, smart TVs are a great way to entertain yourself by watching not only movies and tv shows but also you can play games on android smart tv.

In this age of technology, portability is on another level. Connecting mobile phones with other devices like laptops and media devices is very popular and easy.

But in this article, you will be guided on how to download and install thoptv on android tv in very quick and simple steps.

Thoptv APK

Thoptv is a third-party app available on the internet that allows its users to watch different types of video content such as Movies, Tv Shows and Live sports like cricket and football. Thousands of channels are available on thoptv to watch in different languages.

In this article, you will be guided to install thoptv apk on your smart tv so that you can watch movies and live tv shows on the big screen.

How To Install ThopTv On Android Tv

Installing thoptv on smart android tv is a simple and quick process. All you need is to follow the steps and boom.

Basically, you need to download two files(apps) in your Android Phone and one app in android tv. 

Download Files On Android Phone

There are two files you need to download on your mobile phone.

  1. Download “Send Files To Tv” App and install it
send files to tv

Send files to Tv

2. Then Download and Thoptv APK

thoptv apk on android tv

Download ThopTv

Download Files On Android TV

install thop app

You also need to install two apps from the PlayStore to download thoptv on android tv.

Here is how you can install thoptv on Android Tv.

  1. Download and install the same app “Send Files To Android Tv” on your smart Tv from PlayStore
  2. Then download any “File Manager” on Android Tv
  3. Open Send Files To Android Tv app on your Mobile
  4. Now tap on send button to send ThopTv APK file on your android Tv

Now open the file explorer on tv and locate thoptv apk in the download folder to install it. Once it is installed now you are freely able to use thoptv on android smart tv.

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Watching movies and live sports on android Tv is awesome. That’s why I have discussed a quick method with you to install thoptv for android Tv.

Watch thousands of movies in different languages. You can easily take all the control through your smart Tv remote. All the features of thopTv are supported and 100% working.

Kindly download the right files. To download the required files the direct download links are given in the article. To transfer files between Android Tv and mobile phone you can install any file transfer app that you like.

The method to download and install thoptv on android Tv is not a big deal. You just have to follow the simple steps and BOOM.


  1. Is ThopTv APK Harmful For Android Tv?

    Not at all, this is safe to use on smart Tv.

  2. What If ThopTv Is Not Working On Android Smart Tv?

    Please download and install VPN on Android Tv to bypass any error.

  3.  Can I Download ThopTv From Google PlayStore?

    No, ThopTv is not available on the PlayStore. To download Thoptv the Link is given above.

  4. Can I Install This ThopTv APK on My Android Phone?

    Obviously, it’s an APK file you can install on your phone.

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