ThopTV APK (Latest Version v46.1.0) 2022

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ThopTV Apk | Live Cricket and Movies

Here you will be able to download the latest version of thoptv apk v46.1.0 2022. You can enjoy watching Live cricket (IPL), TV shows, movies and much more. We will do a complete review and full guide for you on how to download and install the latest thop tv version on your android phone. ThopTv is not available on the Play Store you can directly download thop tv apk from the button below.

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Technology is being revolutionized day by day, people love to watch live streams, movies, TV shows, news and dramas online just right from their mobile devices. ThopTv pro apk is a platform that brought all online streaming videos and channels together in one app where you can watch movies on thoptv, different tv shows, live sports, cartoons and also you can enjoy radio.

It contains 3000+ TV channels and up to 5000 Radio channels. Thop tv apk live lets you use the app for free and enjoy 1000s of live TV channels in a single app for free. ThopTv Apk is an android version to install and dive into the world of entertainment.

You can download thoptv apk on your mobile phone and make your life full of entertainment. However, thoptv app shows some ads while streaming, but this is the only price you can pay and thanks to them because this is bearable and doesn’t affect your pocket.ThopTv is crazily popular in south Asian countries such as India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Why ThopTV Apk?

Sitting back on a couch or even in your office or anywhere you can access hundreds of different entertainment stuff online. Watch movies of your favorite actors, stay updated with live news from all over the world or make your kids happy by watching multiple kid’s channels like cartoons and educational stuff.

Just like other available live TV apps on the internet such as the most popular Netflix, ThopTv Apk is a mobile app that gives you the facility to watch your favorite thoptv movies, live TV shows and cricket match online. Watch kid’s tv shows and cartoons and much other entertainment stuff. You can download and install thoptv for firestick and enjoy movies.
ThopTv is widely used and people prefer to use it rather than other premium Live TV apps.

Entertainment In Your Pocket

Technology is taking control of the world and things are changing day by day. In the 19s things were not like today Yes, I am talking about Televisions and other mediums of entertainment like radio and tape recorders etc, but now we have smaller gadgets and devices that cover no special space in our homes even we can keep all the entertainment providing stuff in our pockets such as a mobile phone is a great example.

A smartphone stores hundreds of media files like audio, video and photos we can access anything in minutes even seconds from just smartphones, here what i want you to understand is how technology has revolutionized over time and we can now watch movies and live sports shows from our smartphone no matter where we are in the world.

All we need is a mobile phone and a stable internet connection. We can connect with people all around the world and watch anything happening live from the mobile device such as live news, live TV shows, live sports matches etc.

ThopTv Apk is a source of great entertainment right in our hands and pocket which we can access any Tv show, News Channel or our favorite movies just with a few taps.


ThopTV Apk includes many features that are enough for flexible online watching and streaming like other paid apps. We’ve listed few main features that make thop tv app worth installing in your mobile phone.

  • Subtitles
  • Favorite List
  • Search
  • HD Quality
  • Multiple Categories

Subtitles Feature

ThopTV apk has made it easy for people who do not understand other languages like English or Chinese, so thopTV has a feature of subtitles you can turn on subtitles from the screen and watch any movie with subtitles showing up on the screen.

Favorite List Option

No one wants to lose a movie or a TV show for later watching, so thopTV has solved this problem that you can save any of your favorite movies or TV show. It will be saved in your favorite list in the app thus you can access it later from the list and watch.

Search Option

It’s always pleasant to search your favorite TV show or movie or any category so like other premium apps ThopTV has also a search option where you can search any movie name and watch it.

Thop TV HD Quality

Nobody wants to watch their favorite TV channels and movies in poor video quality so ThopTV apk has no compromise on quality streaming. Watching movies and live stream in HD through thop tv apk is crazy. It may be depending upon your internet connection. You need a strong internet connection for thop tv hd stream.


This app has beautifully arranged and categorized the content for example it has all separate categories for Movies, TV Shows, Cartoons, Sports Channels and News. You can directly browse all categories on the home screen.

Up to 500 Indian Channels

Thoptv apk is very popular in India with millions of users and people are loving it. There are up to 500 Indian channels including Movies, News, Kids and Cooking Channels. All these channels are obviously in Hindi language.
Movies In different languages
Movies are available in different languages:

  • Hindi
  • Urdu
  • English
  • Punjabi
  • Bengali
  • South Indian

ThopTV Apk Live Cricket (IPL Stream)

People are crazy about cricket from all around the world. IPL is India’s biggest cricket tournament which is held yearly and as we’ve described above that thopTV is crazily popular in India, and if you are Indian you must be a super fan of cricket. ThopTV live cricket stream is totally free.

IPL match live-apkfreaks

The live HD stream of IPL (Indian Premier League) is free to watch on thop tv you do not need to subscribe any paid subscription users can easily watch full IPL from their mobile devices.

Good to know: ThopTV Apk search trend goes up and has thousands of downloads in IPL season.

BPL (Bangladesh Premier League) Live Stream

BPL is a Twenty20 Cricket match. Watch Live Bangladesh Premier League 2022 on Thoptv. Thoptv offers HD stream for this cricket tournament in Bangladesh.

You can download thoptv Apk and enjoy cricket matches in Bangladesh with live score updates.

Soccer And Other Sports Games

Thoptv apk allows you to watch football matches. There are billions of soccer fans maybe you are one of them so you can also enjoy watching football and other sports games such as hockey. Thoptv streams kabaddi match so you can watch live kabaddi on thoptv.

User-Friendly Interface

thoptv apk

Thoptv apk developers have made it really easy and comfortable for users to operate. It has a clean interface that anyone can smoothly use this app and jump over the categories and all other options. This app has different sections:


Here you can explore the content by genre and country. It also shows up the latest movies and shows that are displayed on the screen with fresh content.

Movies Section

There’s a section of “Movies in which you will be flooded with the Hollywood and Bollywood new updated movies. Explore through the categories and watch Hollywood and Bollywood movies.

Live Section (Live Streaming Content)

This option contains 3000+ live TV channels in different languages like Urdu, Hindi, English. ThopTV streams live cricket for users.

Series Section

All the famous web series are under this specific section. You can explore new series watch trailers and put them into your favorite list in thoptv.

Dark Mode

You also have an option to switch the app to dark mode for night watching.


You can also select the country and region where you are operating the application from.

ThopTV Latest Virgin Apk

ThopTV apk developers actually developed another latest TV app for different platforms, which is called ThopTV Virgin Apk. These are exactly the same entertainment apps that users can download from this website. Watch unlimited movies, live TV shows and Sports.

People might be confused with it, i mean maybe you’re thinking of it as just a simple TV to show different channels, but this is much different and better than other TV aps. Which shows limited content to their viewers online.

ThopTV apk works as other movie watching apps like popular premium mobile and web app Netflix and TV channel apps and Radio. You can have all the entertainment on a single platform in your hand.

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ThopTV Cast and Firestick Supported

Thop tv supports Firestick and cast devices. You can connect it with your tv through firestick and enjoy it on the big screen. You can install and enjoy it on Amazon FireTV Stick.

ThopTV Latest (v46.1.0 ) 2022 Updates

ThopTV receives time to time updates in the app from time to time and that is a good thing. Now currently running the latest version v46.1.0 for android is more improved and bugs fixed. You can enjoy all the latest movies and TV shows and sports Live Streaming on the go.

Sniffing Error In ThopTV-Network Blocked By Your ISP (Solved)

ThopTV apk sniffing error or network blocked by your ISP is a common error in the app that users might face, but we’ve found two solutions to solve the Sniffing Error in thopTV apk.
Read our full guide on how to solve thoptv sniffing error step by step. (Link)

How to download ThopTV Apk and Installation Guide

ThopTV is not available on Playstore, you don’t need to be worried because you can easily download thoptv apk from here (link at top of the article).
Please follow the steps below to download and install it successfully:

  • First, you need to go to setting on your phone then security and then “unknown sources
  • Now download the latest version of thoptv from the button above and open it after downloading.
  • Tap on “Install
  • Once installation is done, Enjoy the entertainment.


Minimum Requirements

  • Android 4.4 and above
  • Minimum 1GB of RAM
  • A good Internet connection


In this age of online entertainment and live streamings like games and Live TV shows etc, thopTV is a great option to make your life full of entertainment and enjoy movies in all kinds of genres absolutely free. I highly recommend you to download thoptv apk and use this stunning app.

You can install this app for yourself, for your kids and even for your parents to be updated with the latest news by watching news channels on this app. You can download thop tv latest version 2022 for android from this website.


  1. Who Is ThopTv Owner?

    Satish Venkatishwarlu is the owner of ThopTv, who was arrested by Indian Police in July in Hyderabad.

  2. Is There Any ThopTV Alternative?

    Thoptv is a wonderful app and people are love it, but there’s a best thoptv alternative being widely used.

  3. Is Thoptv Available For (iPhone) IOS?

    At this time there is no iOS version of thoptv is available. But you can still install and enjoy it for iOS devices.

  4. Is Thoptv Paid App or Free?

    ThopTV apk is completely free and will never ask you for any payment information.

  5. Does Thoptv Contains Ads?

    Yes, and it’s a very small price you pay for this amazing app.

  6. How To Watch IPL Live In ThopTV?

    Download thoptv apk file from this website. After Install open the app and you will see the option for Live IPL (During IPL Season).

  7. How Much Data Does Thoptv Use?

    ThopTv uses less than 1GB/hour.

  8. Why ThopTV is Not Available On Playstore?

    ThopTV is a 3rd party app which means it’s not officially available on the Google Playstore. That doesn’t mean it’s not safe or illegal. We don’t know the actual reason for not being available on the Play Store, but you should know that it’s still very popular across the world.